The Night is Far Gone…

Love is the only thing that can destroy evil completely, so it is time for this nation to unite and do what is good and right by helping each other. Does that mean that people should abandon the belief systems that have been passed down for centuries, or that people should ignore or overlook what… Continue reading The Night is Far Gone…

A Crusader of Love

We are lovers of God called and chosen to represent the true heart of the Father through our crucified lives in Christ Jesus.  As citizens of Heaven, we walk in the fullness of the blessing and usher in God’s glory to provide healing and restoration as Ambassadors of Christ. faithful commitment to prayers for all… Continue reading A Crusader of Love

Let’s Be Well Pleasing to Our Father and Arise — Grace, Mercy & Miracles

A few years ago, I had a visitation from the Father. I could not see him, but He spoke to me as a whirlwind was blowing outside my window that He said I caused with my prayers. His glory filled the room and He spoke very beautiful and healing words that removed all of my […]… Continue reading Let’s Be Well Pleasing to Our Father and Arise — Grace, Mercy & Miracles

The True Character of God

Make a Donation God is always good.  He has a way of seeing things that most people don’t understand.  He takes every negative and turns it into a positive.  When one fully turns their heart to know God, they will find Him through Jesus, and they will never live in fear again, because perfect love… Continue reading The True Character of God