About Us

Crusaders of Love, Inc

We are dedicated to bringing light into the darkest places and providing hope and healing to the oppressed and afflicted in the world. Healing of the heart, soul and a spirit are all possible for anyone that is seeking a better life and an eternal salvation through Christ.

Jesus gave up his life and took on the sins of the world in order that he could reconcile man and God and nothing could ever separate them again, because Jesus took away the sin of the world, and that is for all time and all people if they chose to accept it. It’s a free gift, so why would anyone deny it and live a cursed and condemned existence?

Love is our faithful Creator who is patient, kind, trusting, hopeful, persevering and always available!

His light will lead you out of darkness and shine in your heart to expose all the lies that have kept you down and believing you are not worthy of love or a better life. Jesus is life and He died a horrible death to ensure that you would live with all the best that you could ever think, ask or imagine through faith in Him.

When you understand your rightful identity in Christ and see yourself through His pure eyes of love, nothing will be able to stop you from wanting more of that truth and love to fill you.

If you want to learn more about how we help or how you can get involved or make a financial donation, please visit the rest of our website for current projects and more.