Donate to Crusaders

of Love


Provided Funding for Rent for Single Moms

Provided Funding for Vehicles for Single Moms

Provided Food and Clothing for the Homeless

Provided Funding for Families in Crisis

Provided Mentorship and Training

Provided Toys and Clothing for Children in Foster Care

Provided Furniture and Housewares for Families in Need, Young Adults After Aging out of Foster Care, People Coming From Homelessness

We provide temporary assistance to shelter those in need of a shower, clean clothes and a good night’s sleep.  This is not a guaranteed service and is only as we have the funds to do so.  We hope to provide a peaceful room for one or two nights for a person to get their life back on track through rest, prayers, and assistance with a long term plan for a hopeful future.

  • We rescue addicts off the streets and lead them to the living God, so they can overcome every battle in Christ.


  • We provide gifts and supplies for foster care youth and families struggling to keep their children or get them back.



  • We provide clothing, shoes, blankets, coats, food and other items to all who ask or we know are in need.


  • We offer assistance for the homeless with legal matters, such as attending court with them, assistance with bail or asking for special forgiveness to those who are trying to get their life back together and just need someone to stand with them.

We are not limited to who we help or in areas where we help.  We are led by the Lord to help all that ask.  We don’t give up on people or believe that anyone is a lost cause or not worth the effort. All human life is of  great value.   We want to see people encouraged and healed so they can rise up in the love of Jesus to see victory over oppression.