Come Up Higher

When the world seems to be pulling down the people with negativity and lies that come from a lost and blinded world, it is the time to get away with the Lord for awhile and just close out all of the world!

When we take the time to just completely receive from God and not allow any other interruptions or priorities to come before Him, we can suddenly find ourselves going from the lowest place to riding on the heights with the Lord covering us and leading us each moment. Oh how awesome is our King Jesus?!

He has rescued me so many times and is so faithful that I can’t even believe that it is possible for him to still want to help me after so many failures on my end.

Thankfully it isn’t about what I can do or have to do, but it is always about what He has already done and will always do, because He is Holy and Righteous and is all wisdom and understanding that we need to succeed and be forever satisfied and living in a constant state of peace.

Love is our greatest weapon against evil in this world. In fact, love is the ONLY thing that can destroy evil completely, so when everything seems to be going wrong and the attacks are nonstop against your faith and finances and family, go ahead and lift your arms and head and sing to the beautiful victory in Jesus, because that is what will turn the battle into a blessing quickly!

Never believe that the Lord has turned from you or that he won’t help you. He will always help when we cry out to Him, and He never remembers our past mistakes when we ask for forgiveness from them, so don’t dwell on them, because it is not good and the Lord doesn’t want us to be condemned by what was already washed away and is not even a thing that is going to be remembered ever again by God!

Let go of control and just abide in that perfect love for awhile so that you truly can understand and grow in faith by trusting the Lord to be your true savior and the fullness of God’s salvation will begin to take hold of your life.