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The latest project or plans for Crusaders of Love Inc, a 501c3 charity recognized by the IRS, include opening a thrift boutique named Born Again Vintage.  Born Again Vintage is located next to Floridino’s Pizza  at 590 N Alma School Rd Suite 30 Chandler, AZ.  We are setting everything up this week, so we can open our doors and begin serving the community needs of not only offering affordable clothing and accessories, but also provide financial support to youth aging out of foster care.

With an average of 800 young people aging out of state foster care each year, Arizona has a great responsibility to ensure the next generation receives the necessary tools to break the oppressive cycles of poverty, drug addiction, abuse and more.

There are far too many young people that are left without a hope and a future at age 18, because they never had a chance to be adopted by a loving family, but we can change their pathway from one of homelessness and incarceration to stable, educated and thriving .

I have seen first hand how opening our hearts and home to those orphaned and alone at adulthood makes the difference between brokenness and devastation to a successful, abundant life.  We all need healing from life’s traumas and past dramas, but how can a youth left to fend for themself at 18 or 19 manage moving forward without the support of encouraging adults and leaders in their lives?  If you ever want to know how to be well pleasing to your Heavenly Father, start by doing what He is doing and bring the afflicted and orphaned into your home and family and never giving up on them no matter how much they seem to fail or struggle with wrong choices.

We want to decide who is worthy of our time and help, but there was no one found worthy out of all the people, but Jesus.  He alone is Holy and righteous.  The rest of us are able to hide our messed up lives in a savior who gave up his very life in order to give us life.  So I ask you, is it too much for us to give up a few comforts in our over indulged lives in order to make room for someone that will become the future of our state and nation?  Would you prefer to sit back and blame everyone else for all the evils that are in the world, or would you dare to rise up and make your heart and home a place of comforting love and support to an aged out foster care youth?  We don’t have to feel bad for people who are struggling, because we have a choice to help so that none are overlooked or left for a lifetime on the streets.

Don’t tell me that I am crazy for going to help a stranger at 1am at a bus stop in Tempe, while you are sound asleep and too afraid to open your heart to hear the cries of the afflicted, and follow the Lord into the darkness where a life needs to be pulled into the light of love.

I have been mocked and made fun of by many for being “naive” “crazy” or “foolish” for going out at night and helping strangers.  Some people try to cast their fears on me about helping others even during the daylight hours, but I don’t accept the lame excuses of why I should just stay home and avoid the risk or dangers of saving a life in need.

The Lord was very clear with me when He said that it was never okay to ignore a person in need when He has sent them into my pathway to help.  I can’t handle not helping people more than I can’t handle helping so many of them.  Is it costly?  Yes, it will cost you everything sometimes, but what good will it do a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

I am not sharing this to condemn or shame people into doing more.  I am offering everyone the opportunity to join in with what the Lord is doing and bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth by doing and saying only what we see the Father doing.

He loves us with a perfect love that is able to heal every wound and bring us out of darkness and into the light of hope and love for a bright future.  If we want to be comforted in all our afflictions, we should know that we are also to comfort others in their afflictions.  That doesn’t mean just your own family and friends either. It means the broken and dirty heroin addict on the street corner or the drunk passed out in his own urine next to the circle K.  Open your heart and ask the Lord to lead you to a life in need.  He won’t hesitate to direct you immediately to someone!

The Lord isn’t short on work for us to do, but we are too busy or important to ever consider asking what or who He wants us to help each day.  Don’t fall into the complacent trap where the church has been living in fear.  If you truly are a Believer in Jesus and know the Word of God, you should be bold and unafraid, because you know the Lord is with you and nothing by any means can harm you!  No deadly poison or any weapon fashioned against you will prosper.  You have been given all authority over the power of the enemy!  That means that you have authority over sickness, poverty and all evil!  Use your authority and begin declaring those things that God says and not making iniquitous decrees that the will prosper the devil and the kingdom of darkness.

From a bad accident on the road that we needed to intervene with prayers asking for divine help to the single mom at work who is too ashamed to ask for help, but she has no way to get gas for her vehicle to get back home later.  Fill up her tank, leave an anonymous envelope for her with $40.  Don’t embarrass her by making it known to everyone else and bragging about how you had to buy her gas, but don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, and God will reward you for your charity.  You don’t need to exalt yourself in front of others for your good deeds.  But trust God and do what you know He would do for you without making a big deal out is it.

Sometimes it’s really hard to do the right thing when so many others are doing the wrong things and telling you that you shouldn’t bother to do anything extra to help people who are clearly asking for help.  Those people should be offering to help you to help them!  They don’t want to feel guilty, so they tell you not to help them.  Don’t go along with that crowd.  They aren’t on the narrow path that leads to eternal life in the presence of God, but they don’t even realize it.  I am sharing this, because there is a distinct difference that I have personally experienced when I was led by the Holy Spirit to help people each day, and when I was focused on “me living” each day.  The latter left me miserable and without any comfort from above.  I felt cut off and no longer able to hear or understand clearly the things that were once so easy to receive.

There is a place in scripture where Jesus talks about those who do what is good by helping others and how they are rewarded.  That same passage also explains what the reward is for living for self and not choosing to love and help others.

Born Again Vintage sounds like a cliche or an oxymoron, but it is exactly what we are to be in this life. Born Again in Christ from above that means we are filled up with the love that endures and is steadfast and eager to generously support all in need.

The community is able to donate which generates the items needed to sell to others in the community and we also give to the poor what they need from the donations.  The money we collect is used to help with shelter, living expenses and support for those who have aged out of foster care.  We want no one to ever be forgotten or feel like there is no hope, because Jesus is our hope and He is always available to rescue, restore and bless.

Thank you Jesus!!



We are grateful for financial support that allows us to reach more people in need.  We also accept clothing and other donations that are clean and in good condition.  We hand out all casual clothes to the homeless and we try to sell the higher end donations to pay for food and shelter to the homeless.  We don’t use any of the funds we receive for salary or expenses of overhead.  All organizational expenses are currently paid for by the founders, as well as 95% of the services we provide.
With community support, we would like to purchase housing for teens aging out of foster care to have a place to live and receive support to continue on the right pathway for a bright future.
We are also planning to offer rooms for rent to recently released inmates and people wanting to get off the streets and have a fresh start with a new life.
Please feel free to let us know if you are able to help us with any of these efforts.  Together we can build a strong community that helps lift others up and strengthens the future generations by giving more than we take and loving more than we think we can.

If you would like to partner with us to see lives transformed and our streets free of brokenness and misery, you can set up a monthly donation, consider volunteering, inquire about serving on our Board, or contact us with any suggestions and ideas.  We love hearing from you and we are happy to pray for anyone who asks.

December 3, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Crusaders of Love, Inc and Floridino’s Pizza & Pasta will provide 100 dozen Pizza Muffins (1200 muffins) to our brothers and sisters living on the streets near Jefferson and 12th avenue in Phoenix, AZ.  We will have hot cocoa and apple cider and provide everyone with one or more of the items listed as supplies allow.

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Blankets
  • Coats/Hoodies/Sweatshirts
  • Hats/Scarves/Gloves
  • Boots/Socks/Shoes
  • Water Bottles
  • Snack Packs
  • Deodorant/Shampoo/Body Wash/Hair Brush/Comb
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Books-Bibles/God’s Promises/Hope and Encouragement

Please help us with any new or gently used items from the list or anything that might be useful.

Contact Janet Weninger at 602-430-5367 or to arrange for pick up of donations or how you can volunteer for the event or future events.  Donations can also be dropped off at Floridino’s Pizza in Chandler at 590 N Alma School Rd.

Financial donations are used for assisting the poor in the Phoenix and surrounding cities, as well as providing support to children in state foster care, and young adults aging out of the foster care system.  Crusaders of Love, Inc. is a public charity recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization. Donors can deduct contributions from their federal taxes.

Federal ID 84-2700224 tax-exempt

To make a financial donation click here.

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