Have you ever wanted something so badly that you thought you would never make it without that something? Well that is what happened when Jesus showed up in my broken life. Suddenly there was hope and a purpose. Suddenly I wasn’t alone or fearful or confused or stressed, because I found the solution to every problem in the universe. I had met the cure to every sickness and the wealthiest, wisest, kindest, most eager and willing to always help and teach the best way to get the results needed for anything. Jesus wasn’t just a name that I could use to stop the darkness from destruction, Jesus was my friend, my greatest love and my most amazing treasure that nothing could ever compare to in this world or universe!
Jesus was real and with me. The Holy Spirit was leading and teaching me daily. I was no longer who I used to be nor was I who I thought I would always be. I was a new creation! I had never been this way before and everything was totally new and completely different from all that I had been taught and thought my whole life! It was the beginning a new life where anything could happen and nothing was impossible anymore. I could ask my Father for whatever I needed and I would receive it! He wanted me to be blessed and joyful. He loved me more than I knew anyone could love! His love wasn’t rude or always looking down on me like I was a pathetic mess. No his love was encouraging and freeing! He wanted to see me do and have everything. Nothing was too much for my God to do, and I had faith that could build a beautiful new world around me, and even flipped the tables on the enemy and all his plans to destroy all humanity.
I love every minute that the Lord has been with me. Even in the worst moments like the death of my dad or seeing a young man shoot himself in the head and die the next day, a drug addict ready to come out of his skin from withdrawals, teens crying out for help while being lost in a whirlwind of confusion about who they are and how they can make it through another moment in this world, a single mother devastated by poverty and domestic violence, a baby with broken bones from severe abuse, a 3 year old girl so filled with trauma after watching her dad brutally murder her mother and sisters that her body froze when I went to pick her up, a mother’s anguish as she had to watch her 27 year old son deteriorating before her eyes, two sons who both declared they were gay, and much more, but that was just the last few years. During all of it, my Lord was always with me and He was always willing to help me have peace and even joy. Daily singing songs together as we would drive around the Phoenix Valley praying over areas and people, but mostly just being devoted to exalt the Lord over all circumstances and darkness, because He belongs above it all, and when I kept Him as my focus, nothing could destroy me not even drugs or deadly diseases! No, nothing by any means was able to harm me! I believed and so it was.

it’s about believing in good and letting go of failure and success. To refuse to accept who people want to make you, and receive revelation and truth about who God says you are. Live free from strife and be willing to give away everything in order to see another helped. Hate no man, but love through the heart of God. Faith in what God said and did is enough for all to overcome anything. Believe that God is right on all matters and don’t question him about “if”. Believe that it is what He said it is and move on. Don’t argue with people over differences, but unite in Truth and Love.
Love is the only thing that destroys evil completely, so let us love more and see communities made alive and healthy again!
Goal-to become Christ filled and live a life free from the world’s pitfalls by trusting in the One who gave it all to lift us up.

What People Say

Don’t tell people who you are, let them see by the life you live whose you are”

Dr Michael McFarland

It is our choice to believe in Christ and be saved, or ignore salvation and be a cast away”

J. K. Bower

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.