A new dawn is rising with hope, faith and love filling the air each sunrise. It is like a dream come true as the birds sing and the flowers sway to the music. When the worship is in full sync with Heaven, we will be where we are supposed to be.

Give the Lord a chance to show you how awesome and wonderful he really is by praying daily for everything you need and pray for the people that he shows you to pray for in the moment he highlights them.

There is great reward for those who endure the suffering and continue to fight for the good of all by being faithful to continue to do whatever is needed to help others come into the grace and mercy of God.

When we choose to believe and agree with God’s plan of salvation we are given supernatural gifts that we can utilize to lift others up and declare God’s Word that corrects all oppression and brings healing to all in need of forgiveness.

Jesus came to set the captives free and heal all who were sick and oppressed of the devil. His work shows us that it is always God’s Will to rescue and show mercy to all who are afflicted and oppressed. He never said to anyone that they were sick because they were disobedient and so they should suffer because they messed up. No, but instead he healed them all and made it known that mercy triumphs over judgement.

God is merciful and his love endures for every generation, but it is up to each individual to accept the free gift of salvation by believing in Jesus as the price paid for all sin. Without sin, there is no sickness or disease. When people refuse to believe God’s Word and plan of salvation we see disease and darkness creep in to bring fear and all kinds of evil.

Who would dare to believe God’s Word and reject sickness as their portion in this life? I choose to agree with God and trust Jesus to deliver me from all evil, so I refuse to allow my flesh to be under the lordship of infirmity. I declare that Jesus is the Lord of my life and there is no death in my pathway!

Death was defeated by Jesus and he now holds the keys to death and the grave, so if my Lord has the keys to unlock me from those things, why would I run to anyone but Jesus in my time of need?

When I feel weak, I pray and ask for Jesus to be my strength. When I am overwhelmed by worry, I ask Jesus to take all of my burdens, and I am free of carrying those heavy weights of the world. I can rest and trust in Jesus to provide a peaceful pathway each day. Jesus gives me His name to use against all oppression and to break the power of darkness from destroying what God has created to be glorious.

The glory of God is in the midst of me and surrounds my life each and every day as I give thanks to God for all that He has given me to live above and not beneath oppression. As I thank the Lord for giving me the gift of life in Christ, I am set free from the binding rule and lordship of the god of a fallen world. It is written that satan is the god of this world, and he blinds the eyes and hearts of the unbelievers so that they are unable to see the light of Christ and find the pathway of peace.

How can one believe for good when they have only witnessed evil in their life? They must be reborn and become alive through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. To live by faith in Christ and seek the righteousness that comes from God is the greatest decision I ever made. I have found a purpose and a hope that can’t be taken, because it is a hope in something greater than myself or what I can do or think. It is the greatest gift that I could ever receive and it won’t be taken from me.

The gift of life as a new creation born from above and made perfect in Love!

He loves me with an everlasting love and He told me that Himself. He told me that I was His beloved daughter and that my life was well pleasing to Him. It makes me laugh to think about anyone calling my life well pleasing, because I would have never believed that could be true, but when the Truth tells you something, you better believe what He says.

Thank you Father for making a way for me to be made righteous and pure simply by believing in Jesus and allowing Him to be my offering for sin. He did so much more than just cover my mistakes. He gave me a new way of thinking and believing so that I could love without selfishness and spend my life together with Him. We did it all for 💕 Love.

God is Love. God is all you ever need. He has made my life complete.

I can truly say that I now live because He is alive in me and I in Him. When you don’t want to feel bad anymore and you are ready to truly live wild and free, you can lay down your self serving plans and truly begin a journey that will take you to the outermost darkness and to the highest heights as you reach out your hand to pull another into the light of love. Giving all you got in order to save another is the greatest act of love, and that is exactly what my Beloved did for me and all who choose to believe in Jesus.

I believe in Love, because I fell into His perfect love and nothing ever felt better than to let go of everything in order to take ahold of the only thing worth living for at all!

I love you Immanuel, because you first loved me. I trust you Jesus, because your faithful and always with me. You make me radiant when I put you on for my clothing and I walk in your light of salvation. You are mine and I am yours. Never knew life could be so beautiful and full until you showed up with all that you are, and now I can’t take my eyes off of you my heart’s desire and my friend forevermore.

Come away with me…I will never leave you alone. I will stay when all the others choose to go. I will faithfuly choose your love and life as you have chosen mine.