There is a simple solution that makes me so heartbroken to know and yet, no one else seems to understand or believe what The Creator of the universe and all that are in it has said will destroy evil completely, and that is pure love for one another that comes from Him. It almost seems too simple to be true that love is the solution. We all heard it so many times in cheesey love songs that it makes it seem like just a sappy dreamers solution, but I tell you today as the Lord lives, He has spoken to me about this.

I prayed for two years asking for a way to stop the evil of child abuse and sex trafficking, earlier this year on a beautiful, sunny afternoon a few days before Easter, I was lured to my window when I saw a vapor of mist in the air. I looked out the window and what was once believed in faith, was instantly made real!!
I heard a voice asking me what did I see? I was shocked, yet completely at peace and overfilled with an amazing joy and love that was encamping me along with the beautiful sparkling bubbles of lights and in the middle was a mini sized tornado thing. I answered and said that “I think it is a whirlwind”. I was correct He said. He told me that I was His beloved daughter that he has loved with an everlasting love. He said that He knew that I had been suffering many disappointments that were causing me to harden my heart, but that I need not be concerned about being left behind or forgotten as He knew I felt by the world. He said that He had a special purpose for my life, and that the whirlwind that I was seeing was what my prayers and blessings for strangers had done to the atmosphere. He said that the currents had completely shifted the direction of the winds, because of the love that I was expressing for others in spite of my own circumstances of guilt in sin, financial stress, watching hopes and dreams be crushed, etc. I will be honest in saying that my problems are nothing compared to so many others around me, and I don’t believe that I was in need of being comforted by that visit, because I was actually singing and filled with joy right before that happened.
God didn’t come to pull me out of the ditch, He came to show me that no matter how far we feel we have fallen in sin, He isn’t worried about that, because He knows that He is able to remove that sin from us at the correct moment.
God said that the next thing to happen was for us to go up. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but He said, we must go up before the new can come down. Then He said that He was waiting for people to turn and help each other, because He couldn’t do anything more that He has planned until we help each other.

God told me that He had an answer for me on how to stop the evil that is destroying lives at birth with drug addicted parents, poverty, abuse, depression, mental illness and disease. He said the answer is LOVE. He said that love is the only thing that can completely destroy evil. He shared more with me, and His words were in a much more God like flow, but most people will have a hard enough time even trying to accept this as truth, and I would not share it today if I didn’t know that this was the correct time that people start to be awakened and aware of this reality that many have believed was a fairytale, myth or a lie, but the lies are actually the ones that have been coming from the evil destroyer known as Satan who is ruler over the earth.
He has convinced far too many people that God is not real or that He is a bad God to let people suffer and die, but the truth is that, Satan is the one that has caused all of the suffering for people in this earth and God has been waiting to be given access to come in and help His people escape the evil.
I helped to unlock a new window for Heaven to come through with my endless prayers and blessings that I do everyday as I drive all over the valley. I bless every driver on the freeway that I pass and I ask for God’s Holy Spirit to open the eyes of all the people that are in the homes I pass, so that they can know the truth.
I didn’t know if this was even working or of any value, but clearly it changed the entire atmosphere, and proved that even in the midst of sin and condemnation from the world around us, we all still have a choice that we can either give up and live in misery, or we can love others more than our own circumstances and begin changing the lives of others through that love, because that is truly the only way to make the world better for all of us.
God shared crucial things with me about this time we are living
When you don’t know what to do to help, pray for God to intervene or ask for Wisdom and Words to pray that align with His Will.
Our surrendered life is the biggest offering we can make to God!
We should always do what we are able to do and also pray for others without ceasing!

People should avoid all negativity and all thoughts and words that cause harm to self and others. It is through the evil words that people speak and write that this world is destroyed.

We need to turn from our selfish ways that are never going to be of any value to ANYONE not even ourselves, and seek truth from the One and Only God in Heaven who created each and every one of us with a special purpose to fill!

I am not a crazy religious nut, I am a woman that wanted to help abused children and what I found on that journey was a God that is real enough to rescue and protect every life that has sought protection from Him or that someone else prayed for protection for them.
I was mistreated and overlooked by the world, but God gave me a seat in the heavenly places with Christ and answered all of my prayers for my state to be prosperous and incredibly blessed with great spiritual understanding and awakening of the people.