Do you know that the Lord is with you, and as you speak in agreement with him, you will see mountains moved and lost things restored.

Stay away from all negativity and work to keep peace and unity by praying for all that cause harm or wrong you. Be an encourager and one who sees only from an eternal perspective of redemptive eyes of faith, hope and love and know that NOTHING is impossible with God!!!

Ask and you will have what you need. Believe and speak in faith the promises of God over situations and issues that arise. Don’t ever agree with defeat or anyone or anything being too messed up to save. Love is here to stay because God is love and He is the biggest encourager and the kindest voice that even makes correction feel like a blessing because it is great to know what you are doing wrong when it is a simple adjustment in thinking that fixes it and not years in therapy.

Shake off the shackles and let God show you the way to live in a place of rest by trusting Him for all that you will ever need! Faith in Jesus and believing all that He said and did is how you are able to know the Truth. Live in the Love of God that is a relationship of trust and partnership for good and not evil.

Everything is good in God, so stay with Him by thanking Him and acknowledging His power and might and all that He has already said is available. Believe and receive what you need to live a life of devotion in Christ. Love is power and the greatest weapon that we have against evil, because Love is the Only thing that can destroy evil completely. We love because He first loved us. God is Love.