When a person truly believes in Jesus and accepts the scriptures as truth, they are given the Holy Spirit to lead them and take them where they would have otherwise never gone.

That can look like a trip to Cancun to find a man working at a resort who is praying for his child to be healed, so God sends you to that resort on a vacation with your family but what you discover is that you were actually sent there to pray for a sick child that God wants to heal. How do you know that is why you are there? The father of the sick child is carrying your bags to your room when the Holy Spirit gives you a quick impression in your thoughts of a sick child. You take that thought and ask the man if he has a sick child that is causing him concern. When he says, “yes, how did you know?” You can then tell him that the Lord revealed it to you and made it known that you are there specifically for the purpose of praying for that child to be healed, and you must go to the child immediately to do that.

That one impression that was in your thoughts was crucial that you act on it immediately in order to save that child’s life, and this is what it means to move with the Holy Spirits direction. You don’t go to your room and out to dinner and then hope to find the man later to pray for the child. You drop everything and you go immediately to do the work the Lord has for you to do there! No exceptions and no excuses are going to work if that child dies, so don’t allow that to happen by being quick to respond to God.

If that has happened in the past, repent for not acting on God’s instructions right away of for doubting it was His instructions, and ask to be cleansed from all unrighteousness and then move on to the rest of the work God has for you to do! Don’t linger in what you messed up or how you should have and could have responded, but take it to heart that you need to be alert and ready for whatever God shows you to do.

A person that believes in Jesus and has the Holy Spirit will know that they are a new creation, because they will no longer want to listen to the gossip and meaningless chatter of the people that don’t believe. The believer will have a hunger for righteousness and they will not be satisfied by the plans and ideas of unbelievers as the solutions needed in the world. They will want to honor God and they will want to seek his council and help with everything they do. They will also be more focused on those around them and how they can help them than on what they want or need.

A person that knows who they are and that they are here for the purpose of bringing God’s will and plan of salvation to the places they are sent, are the ones that are led by the Holy Spirit.

Don’t allow negativity to infiltrate your thoughts or pollute your relationship with the Lord. God is not working to hold people down, but He is the One wanting to lift them up higher to hear His voice and turn to be saved.

When a person is praying for help and the Lord sends you to help them the next day, believe that the Lord has given you what that person needs or He wouldn’t be sending you! You will have what you need the moment that you need it or a few minutes before you find that person, so don’t fear what will happen, but trust the Lord that He is leading you and you will not fail.

You will never fail when you allow Love to lead you. Even if it seems like a failure at first and the people all laugh and ridicule you as being naïve or a push over or crazy for helping someone that none of them wanted to help, don’t listen to their fears and excuses for not being obedient to the Lord, but instead pray fervently for the people that God sends you to help. Pray for wisdom and understanding to be able to help them and not act out of fear or guilt, but rather out of a pure heart that has genuine love for those people.

Then pray for all the people that made fun of you to be given a deeper understanding of God’s heart and will for their own lives and the people in their lives. Pray for them to be blessed with the faith to believe and receive the Holy Spirit and pray for them to begin acting on that faith and following the leading of the Spirit to rescue those crying out for help.

Don’t ever allow negativity to dominate but always allow the love of God to fill you and keep you in perfect peace as you follow and do the works God has planned for you to do. Don’t limit God by believing he can’t or won’t do something, because He can and will do anything needed or asked by those who believe without wavering.

Have faith in God and hold fast to His plan of salvation and share it everywhere you go with those He shows you to help.

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